Dr Shaw has written some information sheets.
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Nutritional supplements in pregnancy

A healthy balanced diet is important around the time of conception and in pregnancy.

Genetic testing in pregnancy

There are numerous genetic tests that are available during a pregnancy and even before becoming pregnant.

Vaccinations during pregnancy

Vaccinations are important way to decrease disease outbreaks in the community.

Having a LLETZ procedure

You are advised to have treatment to your cervix. There are 2 types of cells on the cervix, squamous cells (like skin) and glandular cells.

Induction of labour

Most women who are planning to have a vaginal delivery will labour spontaneously at some time around the due date.

Listeria and food poisoning

Once you realise that you are pregnant, it is important to alter your diet according to recommended guidelines.

Having twins

Twins can either be identical or non-identical. Identical twins develop from one embryo that divides very early after fertilization to create two separate babies.

Pap smears are now called cervical screening tests

Women who are sexually active are invited to have tests to look for abnormal cells that can, over many years, become a cancer.


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